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Top 10 asset classes - 1st March 2019

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1. Global Bonds (GBP Hedged) [+]
2. Asia Property [+]
3. UK Gilts (5-15 Years) [+]
4. UK Gilts (>15 Years) [+]
5. Precious Metals [+]
6. UK Gilts (1-5 Years) [+]
7. Asia Dividend Equities [+]
8. UK Gilts (Inflation Linked) [+]
Buffer Zone
9. UK Corporate Bonds [+]
10. Inverse Commodities [+]
Number in brackets () denotes position one month ago.
Postive trend = [+], Negative trend = [-].

Top 10 commentary 1st March 2019
There was little change to the top 10 in February with one asset relegated and one promoted. Latin American equities slipped outside the top ten for the first time in four months and were replaced by UK corporate bonds which jumped sixteen places to sit in 9th.

Despite some recovery in equity markets during February, the Top 10 remains dominated by UK Gilts with all four of the indices we monitor remaining inside the top 10. The addition of UK corporate bonds takes the number of fixed interest and index linked indices in the top 10 up to six.

Both precious metals and the inverse commodities indices remain in the top 10 despite each falling two places. Of the two, inverse commodities is showing the weaker trend and is on the verge of relegation, primarily due to a combination of a strengthening pound and some positive movement in oil and energy prices.

Following the relegation of the Latin America index, the two remaining non fixed interest indices are both from Asia. The Asian dividend index moved up three places during the month, as did the Asian property index, the latter moving from fifth to second, sitting behind global GBP hedged bonds which retain top spot.

Overall, the top 10 remains defensively positioned with a number of equity indices just outside and waiting to break in over March should their positive performance continue.

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